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About Ron
Ron is the son of the late Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Menor and Lillian Menor. His family moved to Central Oahu from Hilo more than 40 years ago.

After attending college and law school on the Mainland, Ron returned to Central Oahu to raise his own family. Over the years, Ron has come to appreciate life here in Central Oahu and the folks who make it all worthwhile. Through community service organizations like the Lions Club and the YMCA, he's had a chance to help shape and improve our quality of life.

Through Mililani's Neighborhood Crime Watch Program, he's had an opportunity to help make our community safer for all of us. And through his involvement in School Community Council (SCC) activities and hearing and visual screening projects in schools, he's had a chance to support the important work of preparing our children, including his own, for their roles in life.

But nothing has given him greater satisfaction than the contributions he's been able to make as the community's representative in the State Legislature. As a veteran legislator in both the state House of Representatives and the Senate, he has spent his entire political career working on issues that affect Central and Leeward Oahu.

That is the role of a good leader and a good citizen-to be a voice working with others for the greater good and benefit of all. And, sometimes, to be a singular voice in opposition to what is not in our cumulative best interest.

Experience is more than just time on the job. It is the ability to learn to absorb many points of view, to evaluate competing priorities, understand differing values, and to trust yourself and others, not naively, but with sound judgment and wisdom. As with most things, you learn this over time and through a vast array of experience.

That's what Ron Menor brings to the table for the voters of District 9. At this stage in his life, he finds himself with an opportunity to leverage all of that experience and knowledge to serve our community in a meaningful way.