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Why Ron
Ron strongly believes we are at a critical juncture, where decisions at the city level will have significant and long-term effects: on our quality of life, our environment, on whether we quickly return to a more robust economy that will create jobs and economic opportunities, and on whether City facilities and services can meet the needs of District 9. He is running on a solid foundation based on specific issues.
The City Council District 9 election is about the community and the kind of vision and leadership it will take to sustain our quality of life for today and tomorrow. It is about the services and facilities that make the community safe, comfortable and a warm and inviting place to call home. It is about the kind of community we want to grow into and the kind of future we want for our children. It is about nurturing aloha and the ohana.
This election is about jobs and the kind of planning at the city level that will help create jobs for our families and our children. It is about encouraging meaningful economic growth that is sensible, sustainable and far-sighted. It is about providing business and the community with a local government that is supportive and innovative and equally concerned about wage earners and those who create jobs.
This election is about resolving one of our most pressing daily dilemma and one that affects almost every aspect of our daily lives as individuals and as a community: traffic. It is about the creation of a comprehensive transportation system that is multi-dimensional and multi-purposed that looks at traffic solutions as tools that solves more than traffic congestion, but helps keeps our roads safe for both driver and pedestrian. It's about building a coordinated system that includes mass transit, bikeways and walkways.
    Purposeful Growth
This election is about economic development that is not piecemeal but anchored in thoughtful planning that (1) stimulates our economy, (2) helps control and direct growth, (3) protects the environment, and (4) supports our overall quality of life.
    Budget Efficiency
Finally, this election is about financial responsibility and making the most of the taxpayer's money. It is about understanding where specifically those dollars come from and where they go. It's about getting the biggest and best bang from the public's dollar and not forgetting that it IS the public's dollar.